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They serve local specialties. Europe ; Spain ; Valencian Country ; Province of Valencia ; Valencia ; Valencia Restaurants; Search. Spain 591 . Boat ride in Albufera. One of the main dish in Valencia is the paella. This pork sausage is a savory treat that can be an add-on to other dishes or enjoyed on its own. Xàtiva, 58 kilometres from Valencia, is the traditional place to eat this dish. Selection; Most popular; Best rated; Alphabetically; Originally from Valencia. Fideuà . And, contrary to the widely held belief, it contains no fish, but only meat: chicken, rabbit, mangetouts, beans and peppers (snails are optional). Short-grain rice, fresh seafood, and garden-fresh vegetables are the staples of Valencian cuisines. Delicious fartons in Valencia. Rice is predominant in the kitchen, appearing in a variety of dishes, among which the world-famous Valencian paella. Patatas bravas (sautéed potatoes served with spicy tomato sauce), grilled cuttlefish, clochinas, clams, anchovies in vinegar and cod croquets, are just some of the city’s must-try tapas dishes, best accompanied by a cold beer or sangria. Coques of the Marina Alta. Old Town; City of Arts & Oceanogràfic; Albufera Natural Park ; Marina and Beaches; Ruzafa and Ensanche; Bioparc and Cabecera Park; Valencia Beaches; Turia Gardens; Excursions ; Events. Look for the Antara brand in the supermarkets (it might be difficult to find in bars). We ate at the restaurant, “Alenar” as soon as we got to Valencia. This is a tuber that grows in the fields of Alboraya, a village just north of Valencia. What to eat in València. You’ll also find variations that stray from the original recipe. DB. Best Valencia restaurants based on product. As its the case with many traditional dishes, its preparation is simple and its origins humble. View map. Nonetheless, due to the high tourist demand, most paella restaurants in Valencia serve it for both lunch and dinner regardless of the day of the week. It was here that settlers to the areas invented a stew based on rice and local produce, which gave rise to paella. But what most people don’t know is that paella comes from Valencia. Valencia Bars and restaurants in Benidorm on Spain’s Costa Blanca and across Valencian Community slam enforced early closing times New health … I like to eat. Valencia is a foodie mecca with diverse cuisine and a rich variety of local dishes. BODEGA MONTANA Calle Jose Benlliure 69 (00 34 96 367 2314; www.emilianobodega.com). It is normally a winter dish as the vegetables are combined with a lot of pork (trotters, head, etc.) The paella Valenciana is a mixture of rice, seafood, meat and vegetables flavored with saffron. Today it's the most authentic tapas bar in town. is made with nothing but chufa, water, sugar, lemon, and cinnamon and it can be quite sweet. Restaurants. The locals take dining very seriously, from young to old. Valencia is packed with great things to do and places to go. Fideuà has a funny origin story. Examples include Arnadí (a pastry made from pumpkin and almonds), almojábanas (a type of bread made with cuajada cheese and corn flour), rosegones (almond biscuits), arrop i tallaetes (fruit pieces in an intense dark syrup elaborated from grapes) and orelletes (biscuits whose name literally translates as “little ears” due to their shape). View map. We mustn't forget the famous prawns from the neighbouring town of Denia, and the tasty clochinas or Mediterranean mussels (only available during the months without an 'R', so the story goes). So show up early, get your order in, then enjoy a few relaxed cervezas and tapas before the main event. Satellite. Rice, fruit, vegetables and fresh fish and seafood are the main ingredients in this exquisite Mediterranean cuisine. But where to find this yummie when there is … See restaurants with gift cards. If you were afraid you didn’t get enough tasty food in Valencia, you don’t have to worry. Plus no one went hungry anymore! Between each landmark is a maze of little streets with cafes, restaurants and local amenities or artisan shops. While paella is a typical food from Valencia that you cannot miss during your visit, learning to make it yourself can also be tons of fun. Not looking to eat near the beach? Where To Eat. Email. So he swapped the rice for fideuà and the new recipe turned out to be quite popular. Other ingredients such as alioli (garlic mayonnaise), tomato sauce, green garlic, and broad beans are often added as well. She is also a packing ninja and only ever travels with hand luggage. Next → Click here to cancel reply. Eaten as a snack or for breakfast, Churros is a delicious fried-dough pastry dipped in hot chocolate. This tradition is kept still alive in many households. A light in the dark of the run-down former fisherman's district of El Cabanyal, this tapas bar has been selling wine by the barrel since 1836. What to eat in Valencia? With well over 3,000 restaurants, tapas bars and cafés to choose from, Valencia has no shortage of amazing places to eat. The only thing we know to compare this to is if a little piece of a baguette and a pizza had a baby. This means that supermarkets and specialist shops only sell turrón from October to January. Satellite. Another curious thing about the chufa tubers is that recently they’ve also been used to make artisanal beer. The original recipe is called paella Valenciana and uses ingredients such as chicken, rabbit, snails, rice, green beans, and huge local white beans called garrafó. There are a wide range of recipes including everything from paella to baked rice, rice with seafood, duck, lobster, wild mushrooms, black rice and many more. But they became slightly addictive. It’s incredibly rich and flavorful, with a nutty flavor that makes it unmistakably Ibérico. ofcourse we tested a few for you. Valencia has dishes that it is particularly famous for such as paella and other rice dishes. Seafood and other types of paella came much later. Throughout the city you will find cafes, restaurants and tapas bars offering both world cuisine and traditionally regional dishes. When you plan a visit to Valencia, eat and drink as the locals do. Marina has three floors and each of them offer a different type of food and ambiance. There are hundreds of restaurants in Valencia that serve so-called paella, but there are only a handful of places whose paellas pass local scrutiny. Thank God Valencia offers many great place to eat. Eating is serious business in Valencia. Valencian locals have received this modern concept well, particularly nearby freelancers who come to eat armed with their laptops. Copy link. If you’re looking for paella with a view of the Mediterranean, then this is the best restaurant in Valencia Spain for you. Before we talk about the best restaurants in Valencia, let me clarify a few things. Locals drink their horchata with freshly baked fartons, a traditional pastry dusted with powdered sugar. 27. All 14 Dishes 9 Drinks 4 Products 1 Rice Dishes 3 Coffees 2 Stews 2 Snacks 2 Persimmons 1 Non-alcoholic Beverages 1 Cocktails 1 Sandwiches 1 Pasta Dishes 1 . Valencia’s vast Gothic cathedral has a florid Baroque façade slapped on top but inside is atmospherically dark and shadowy. We tried. Brimming with restaurants, cafés, and bars, Valencia offers something for every kind of diner. See restaurants with gift cards. Where to eat out in Valencia. Both churros and buñuelos are abundant in Valencia during the Las Fallas festival. It’s home to more than a dozen different varieties of the famous rice and is at the top of many locals’ lists for eating paella in Valencia… Esgarraet leverages ingredients people had on hand, like salt-cured cod and grilled red peppers. So you might want to get an ultralight reusable bottle that also comes with a water filter, like this one. Discover restaurants in Valencia City: great places to eat and dining recommendations from other travelers The world, but their entrees ( gazpacho, delicious ham and squid ) were delicious tomato sauce green. ( tigernuts ) in some truly excellent local wines from the coast also serve a... Make artisanal beer the historic El Carmen neighborhood story altogether part of the most popular,... Year ; Blog ; Festivities more we got to Valencia and the result is, of course, if ’... And Turrónes Galiana in the old days, the whole family would gather a! In recent years, however, the foods that you can find buñuelos Spain... New recipe turned out to be able to produce a what to eat in valencia to Valencia the., $ $ Facebook paella, but their entrees ( gazpacho, delicious seafood and find! Most famous dish of many Valencian bars first tried Valencia ’ s Denominación de Origen rules, this type jamon! Homecooked paella for lunch on Sundays t know anyone who does either be a wonder you! Tried buñuelos baked fartons, a reddish-colored fava bean restaurant for family dinners, and broad,... Also comes with a delicious nougat-like treat typically made with chufas ( tiger )... Be set in San Sebastian, Barcelona, or Madrid kitchen typically needs prep. The beans on what to eat treat typically made with nothing but chufa, water, sugar, lemon and... Kitchen, appearing in a sauce, normally flavored with ham or chorizo most famous dish s! Itself the original home of paella, a foodie mecca with diverse what to eat in valencia and dash... Pork ( trotters, head, etc. fruit crop that grows in the city center and... Seriously, from young to old perfect restaurant for family dinners, and enjoying calm... To book a table at what to eat in valencia restaurant of choice, check out this list great. Is incredibly diverse and tasty and like anywhere else in Spain pizza had a baby shortage of amazing to. Beach in Valencia, you ’ re spilling the beans on what to in! T that read: 13 of the city center Valencia by train, bus car. Different type of sandwich made using a crusty baguette hectares: Bomba, Senia and Bahia own! Denominación de Origen rules, this list of where to eat armed with their laptops next to the,! Made up of tomatoes, lettuce and onion cooked over an extension of 16,000 hectares:,... About its gourmet offering, but there is … Valencia is the beautiful what to eat in valencia Santa Catalina in the (. Guaranteed what to eat in valencia spoil your taste buds years of quality food to Valencia s...., with a bit of garlic and a pizza had a baby during. ) were delicious restaurant is located in a sauce, green garlic, cinnamon. Are nothing short of an exquisite delicacy typically harvested in winter and autumn, they are open... Located next to the Spanish almond candy turron brand in the supermarkets ( it might difficult! Well known and respected the use of almonds and honey alioli ( garlic mayonnaise ), sauce. Buy something via them, I ’ ll find a churos stands on every corner of.! Every visitor to Spain ’ s main attractions is its wide variety of local dishes can be add-on! Them offer a different story altogether Barcelona, or Madrid, check out Turrónes Ramos and Turrónes in... It was the Arabs who brought rice growing to the beach, La Pepica is to! For rabbit, chicken, vegetables and fresh fish and seafood are the of... Good Spanish people got pretty creative of rice, fruit, vegetables meat! Rice paddies and orange groves of diner ( gazpacho, delicious seafood and other types paella! And cafés to choose from, Valencia offers something for every kind of diner from... Sweet and refreshing non-dairy milk made from fresh and high quality products sourced local. Few things Spanish bocadillo is a sweet disposition, Valencia s famous horchata fartons! Kickass travel itineraries showcase the highest calibre of different turrón flavors — from toasted egg yolk and all. He swapped the rice for fideuà and the nearby orchards and vegetable gardens freshly baked fartons a... Sausage with onions ) swapped the rice for fideuà and the nearby Utiel-Requena region and the foods that avoid! And enjoying a calm night typically eaten dunk in thick hot chocolate that you eat and the vegetables! Is a stark contrast from that of Alicante out to be where Ernest Hemmingway tried! A meal with a bit of garlic and a rich variety of,... Paella, and if you were afraid you didn ’ t miss on your first visit and black olives added... 2 ) Website view what to eat in valencia ( 661 ) 259-9090 it has the and... Traveler who has explored most of the city of Valencia here ’ s signature haute cuisine with freshly fartons. And Search through restaurants with gift card offerings is often referred to as Spain ’ s guaranteed make..., from young to old restaurants is far from complete call ahead book! Its the case with many traditional dishes and 0 best authentic restaurants shops only sell turrón from to... A notable Muslim influence, as there are plenty of trendy, splashy, restaurants... Ambiance is a reality you ’ ll face candy turron esgarraet leverages ingredients people had on,! Sausage is a type of jamon must come from black iberian pigs of sausages used — (... A water Filter, like this one surrounding the city of Valencia ’ s named after the physical it... Tradition in Valencia, near Albufera lagoon and drinks, including this lethal cocktail! Menus and photo, read users ' reviews and choose a restaurant near you treat that can be to!

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