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platform. construction, single and double trigger action, and realistic blowback Shoot, pull back the bolt, shoot again, and once again pull back the bolt. B. eine Kamera angebracht werden kann. by vehicle crews and covert operatives. a lower price but still with KWC's world class quality and feel. $145.00 $137.75. But for now, for us, (U.S.) four new Glock blowback action CO2 models is an impressive start. The double/single action trigger works identically to the cartridge-firing model, with the first round fired in double action and the slide cycling back after discharge to cock the hammer and chamber the next steel BB. handguns are measured, and this BB gun replica delivers the same high mounting light and laser. This hefty gun weighs in at just over 2.5 pounds thanks to a full-metal 611 Neal Drive Peterborough, Ontario Canada K9J 6X7 1-800-565-9527 [email protected] Information. Type: BB Power: CO2 Overall Length: 255 mm (10.04 in) Weight: 544.31 g (1.2 lbs) Action: semi-automatic Trigger: double-action Barrel Length: 228.6 mm (9 in) Blowback: none Magazine Capacity: 39 rounds Ammo Type: steel BBs 4.5 mm Muzzle Velocity: 394, Use a 12-gram CO2 cartridge so well, it makes for an ideal firearm trainer. Using CO2 means more power and a high fire rate, making this an exciting and fun gun to shoot. This makes us a leading online site for BB Guns, Airsoft Gas Guns, Airsoft AEG Guns and accessories in Canada. Ammunition Capacity: 18 rounds. This open-bolt wonder features a 30 round magazine that houses (2) A checkered simulated wood grip ensures a steady hold for you to Its solid metal frame and slide adds realism in both sound and feel as it cycles with each fired round. Soldiers of the 9th and 10th Cavalry. In fact, you've probably seen the firearm in movies such as "Lawrence of Arabia," "Khartoum," Indiana Jones series, "Zulu" and "Zulu Dawn." It features a working slide with realistic blowback operation and can be fully field stripped just like the actual 1911 sidearm. A true classic of Russian design, the Makarov was the Soviet Union's standard military side arm from 1951-1991. market! For a long time the original model and its variations were used in the Soviet Army as well as a number countries in the socialist camp. the P226, the SP226-S5 comes with replica match sights, a flared GLOCK selbst bezeichnet die G19X als die erste „Crossover-Pistole“ aus ihrem Hause. The sleek curves and solid build of the full metal M92 A1 .117 air pistol provide a truly authentic firing experience. the features accurately right down to the open bolt firing system and Operating from a single 12 gram CO2 cartridge that loads into the 20 Please be advised, ammunition, powder, and primers must be shipped through UPS or CANPAR, and CANNOT be shipped to a PO Box. Equipped with a folding bayonet. full-auto function for blasting through its 18-round BB magazine with reloading fast and easy. Wie auch bei dem echten Modell werden sich die Meinungen über Sinn und Unsinn dieser Kombination stark unterscheiden. Fixed fiber optic front sight (removable) Pick up more than history when you pick up the full-auto Umarex Legends ambidextrous safety, standard-function magazine release button and thin, competition firearm used by 5-time IPSC World Champion Eric Grauffel. This also means it is using the same 18-round self-contained CO2 BB magazine as the Third Gen, but with a coyote tan base pad. Boasting the same features that made the firearm such a big hit, the Now available in the Canadian sub 500fps model so no license is required! Vertec-style, plastic grips. perfect your aim while looking down the fixed sights. an extended beavertail. Equipped with a full metal blowback slide, drop-free magazine, line the green, high-visibility 3-dot sights up with copy license for use with this UMAREX product, granted by HK, Inc., While PPS All at the best prices in Canada. Don't miss with the GLOCK G19X CO2 powered 6mm airsoft pistol in Coyote tan. Purveyors of firearms will also appreciate that the Gletcher APS may be partially disassembled, similar to its combat counterpart. 30 Schuß ergibt sich ein Durchschnittswert von ~0,85Joule, eine Gasladung von ca.15 Sekunden reicht für fast 4 Magazinladungen a 18BBs, ordentlich für ein recht kleines Magazin! notch with the this CO2 semi-auto BB pistol which looks. The frame is made of resistant polymer, and the slide and barrel of metal. Es wird hier ein Lauf und damit auch Schlitten in der Größe der Glock 19 verwendet und gleichzeitig das größere Griffstück einer Glock 17 verwendet. by its legendary design which was made famous during the Russian Civil The air pistol also has a strong blowback, simulating recoil, Textured pistol grip the US Secret Service has received an accurate airsoft adaptation. Length: 298mm Barrel length: 140mmCapacity: 6 rounds Velocity: 130ms/430fps Weight: 2,7lb Energy: 3 Joule. just like the real gun all outer components are made in metal, this Made It is powered by a 12g CO2 cartridge stored in the grip using the easy-load system and the BB’s are put in the drop-out magazine. Kaliber 4,5 mm (.177) BB ... Glock bezeichnet die G19X selbst als die erste „Crossover Pistole“ aus dem Hause des österreichischen Waffenherstellers. sight and an accessory rail. This highly accurate Airgun replica features all the details that you find on the real firearm. Warning ; WARNING. The Tanfoglio Witness 1911 features a full size drop out metal magazine that holds both the .177 BB's and the CO2 cartridge. It works thanks to a 12g CO2 cartridge, and is guaranteed to give you lots of fun. With Umarex's fine attention to details, this gun uses a trigger that can fire in single or double-action to keep your shooting sessions as realistic as possible. Shooters have the The CZ SP-01 SHADOW is an exciting new CO2 powered airgun based on the The M11 features an adjustable metal stock Both guns field-strip the same way! + Platzpatronen, Umarex Perfecta 32 Luftgewehr 4,5mm inkl. selector lets you choose between semi or fully-automatic shots sent BERSA trademarks and each gun comes with a unique serial number. Proven Umarex valve technology The CZ 75 P-07 DUTY is a compact tactical upgraded version compared to the standard CZ 75. Full auto .177bb blowback action SMG. in the 15 round drop free magazine, you can expect 40 good shots from Hero Outdoors is your one-stop army surplus online store in Canada. The Tanfoglio airgun version fully licensed by CZ. This tiny CO2 pistol manages to pack a full-sized, 12-gram CO2 The PPS action No blowback for more efficient use of CO2 has been in production since 2007. Inspired Not only is this one of the coolest historical replicas ever done, it Quantity: The Umarex Glock 19X boasts markings and dimensions identical to the Austrian firearm. The Umarex Heckler & Koch USP Blowback BB Pistol is an officially licensed replica of the H&K pistol, famed for its straightforward design and use among law enforcement or military. It is powered by a This 6-shooter is an authentic replica of the famous Schofield No. polymer pistols ever since. blowback, giving it a realistic look, weight, and feel. Double Die echte Glock 19X schafft es aus den ansonsten immer recht ähnlichen Glock-Modellen und Updates herauszustechen. Adjust your SBR to your preference with a 6-point adjustable rear Der Coyote-Farbton hebt die Pistole von anderen Modellen ab. It combines the full-sized frame of the G17 with the compact slide of the G19. mid-size Dan Wesson Steel Grey revolver with a 4" barrel offers Glock G19X Gas Coyote VFC Airsoft Pistol by Umarex®. And, just like the real-steel cans for fun or punching holes in paper targets, this .177-caliber Die UMAREX-Firmengruppe ist Weltmarktführer im Bereich der frei verkäuflichen Waffen-Nachbauten und größter Druckluftwaffen-Importeur Europas. Filter (no filters selected).68cal T4E Rubber Balls 100ct. name right across its full-metal slide that blows back every time you markings and every gun comes with unique serial number. Included with the pistol is a standard G17 magazine. from wartime history and the big screen (movies). on features. The G19X was GLOCK's entry to the US Armed Forces handgun testing protocols. Durch die weitere Nutzung unserer Website oder mit dem Klick auf "Akzeptieren" stimmen Sie der Verwendung dieser Cookies zu. GLOCK selbst bezeichnet die G19X als die erste „Crossover-Pistole“ aus ihrem Hause. If you'd like to maintain firearm proficiency...or just enjoy shooting a Besides being more 1:1 Ratio realistic gas blow back pistol Full Metal Construction Fits 12g CO2 cartridgeSemi AutomaticExtreme smooth slide cycling with heavy blowbackExcellent Craftsmanship The side holds opened on last roundGun can be strip-down like the real steel version, ASG Dan Wesson 715 6" C02 BB Revolver (Silver). grip safety. magazine well, and a low profile hammer, resulting in a match ready Beretta M9A3 C02 Pistol Packs Semi/Full-Auto Fun Into M9 Redesign. Fully adjustable rear sight (removable) Sieger der Herzen Bei der Wahl zur neuen Pistole der US Army zog Glock den Kürzeren mit der G19X, bei uns gewinnen sie ganz klar. MITA Magazine Extension For G-Series GBB. system, drop-free magazine, and a retractable metal stock. We carry the leading brands recognized for maintaining strict international standards for quality and reliability. It The Swiss Arms 357 Magnum 6 inch boasts 410 FPS out of its long barrel with a revolver standard 6 round capacity.Full metal construction .177 calibre Steel BB (4.5mm)12-gram CO2 cartridge 6-rd cylinder Fixed front sight Fully adjustable rear sight Textured grips Double-/single-action Manual safety Working ejector rod Swing-out cylinder Includes hex wrench, speed loader and 6 cartridge shells$129.00 M.S.R.P. reliability - now Umarex has brought it to the airgun market as an Register; Log in; 0 My Cart $0.00 ... (Elite Force/Umarex USA Item# 2276338) Product tags. The grip and metal slide caries authentic The pistol features An update of an earlier X-Five air BBs. Shells in both guns eject the same way. pleasure. DP Aluminum Loading Nozzle For Umarex G17 GBB. - Lanyard loop on base of the pistol grip, Here's a link to a bit on the Real Steel Version of the Makarov, Here's a link to a bit on the Real Steel Version of the H&K 45,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, x2 12 CO2 cartridges housed in the magazine, Synthetic Faux Wood Stock (Wood Version Available Below), Also shoots .177 cal lead pellets in the BB shells, Compatible with Umarex Peacemaker BB cartridges, Powered by (2) 12 g CO2 Capsules housed in the stock, Both the spare BB and spare pellet shells work in this rifle, Interchangeable backstraps (small, medium, large), Field Strips just like the real steel XDM, Interchangeable magazine extensions (small, medium, large), 12 gram CO2 capsule (not included) loads in the magazine, Similar weight and feel of the P365 9mm firearm, 18rd removable BB magazine (also holds the CO2 cartridge), 18-round drop free magazine that holds CO2 as well, Nickel plated barrel & ejection port accents, Two firing modes: Full-Auto and Semi-Auto, Compact version of the standard size Glock 17, Rear sight adjustable for windage/elevation. Die Spezialfarbe Coyote unterscheidet diese Waffe von anderen Modellen. 12-gram CO2 cartridge and 18 BBs to send them downrange at 300 fps. opportunities for mounting laser sights, flashlights, and pistol grips. The KWC M1911 features a full size drop out metal magazine that holds both the .177 BB's and the CO2 cartridge. Umarex/VFC GLOCK 19X is the first official licensed GLOCK Airsoft G19X. strap and the spring-loaded hex key emerges so you can conveniently Features:Type: BB pistolPower: CO2Material: polymer and metalAmmo Type: steel BBs 4.5mmBlowback: YesGun Action: double actionMagazine Capacity: 19 roundsBarrel Length: 106 mm (4.17 inches)FPS: 400. to conceal, easy to carry submachine gun is a force multiplier favored Shop now for the highest quality BB Guns at by CO2, will provide hours of shooting fun. With a full metal mirrors the function of the real German engineered Walther. pistol for concealed carry. Please visit our Distributors site for more products, If you see something you like, let us know and we'll get it for you. Ambidextrous, thumbhole polymer stock rubber grip panels make it sit extremely well in the hand. picatinny rail under the front of its frame and full-sized magazine, Here's an incredibly accurate copy of one of the most popular concealed-carry firearms on the market! the muzzle of 325 feet per second. popular by its small frame and incredibly high rate of fire, this easy pistol has a polymer frame that's designed with a CO2 capsule charging .177 spherical steel otherwise known as BBs. Armory icon has made it to the airgun world! Just load 12 BBs and a standard, 12-gram CO2 cartridge into the U.S.A.Features:Brand: Heckler & Koch Velocity (FPS): 400 Caliber: 0.177 (4.5mm) Ammo Type: Steel BBs Barrel Length: 6 Total Length (inches): 24.5 inches Capacity: 40 Action: Semi Auto Safety Type: Manual Power: CO2 Trigger Action: Semi-Auto$149.00M.S.R.P $200.00Sold outHere's a link to a bit on the Real Steel Version of the H&K MP5K creates a powerful slide cycle while maintaining a BB velocity out of two 12-gram CO2 cartridges housed in the 30rd magazine. swapped out with the tool stored in the gun's backstrap. Geschoßen auf … nearly identical to its real steel counterpart. that feels good in the hand. Es ist bei dieser Pistole nicht mehr nötig den Schlitten zum Einstellen des Hop Ups abzunehmen, sondern es ist direkt von vorne Einstellbar. The full blowback action of the slide with each pull of the trigger The lanyard loop on the BB gun does double duty as the tightening screw to help properly pierce the CO2 cartridge. Not only does this gun have realistic blowback action, it also has a full-auto firing mode that makes airgunning even more fun than before. without all the trademarks from companies such as Cybergun, resulting in The gun's Es kombiniert den Full-Size-Rahmen des G17 mit dem kompakten Schlitten des G19. The slim profile of the single stack Walther PPS M2 makes it an ideal Model: Grach NBB (Non-blowback)Materials: Full Metal & plastic gripsWeight: 2.12 pounds (960 grams)Barrel: 4.25 inches, smooth borePropulsion: 12 gram CO2, Non-blowback, movable slide - single & double action. Smith & Wesson 40F replica BB pistol from KWC packs a punch in its Powered by one 12g CO2 capsule housed in the mag, Umarex H&K VP9 Blowback .177 C02 BB Pistol, The H&K VP9 pistol is destined to security, military, law enforcement as civilian sport shooting. If you want to mow down targets and shred paper and tin cans alike, grab the DPMS SBR and enter the action! Here's a link to a bit on the Real Steel Version of the Mosin Nagant Obrez,, KWC M712 Mauser Full-Auto Full Metal Blowback, .177 calibre (4.5mm) Steel BBUses a 12-gram CO2 cartridge Full-/semi-auto Blowback 18rd removable BB magazine, Manual safetyFixed front sightElevation-adjustable rear sightPlastic gripsSingle-action Full metal, Here's a link to a bit on the Real Steel Version of the M712,, .177 calibre (4.5mm) Steel BB Uses 12-gram CO2 cartridge Semi-auto 21rd removable BB magazine Blowback (toggle moves) Single-action Manual safetyFixed sightsFull metal, Here's a link to a bit on the Real Steel Version of the Luger,, ASG CZ 75 P-07 Duty Pistol C02 .177 Steel BB, Blowback - Black. The 12g CO2 cartridge is stored in the grip It is powered by a 12g CO2 One can immediately appreciate the solid feel of the Gletcher M1944 considering the barrel, bolt mechanism, and magazine are all made of metal. Manual safety Identical weight and size, a Blowback system, and realistic feedback give this air replica a high level of authenticity to the original model. The 2019 Umarex release of the fully licensed Glock 19x in a special Tan color with all the official markings. shoot each round and eject the shell, just like the real steel. cartridge, the XDM is bound to provide hours of airgun enjoyment. Der Coyote-Farbton hebt die Pistole von anderen Modellen ab. 1911 has the heft and feel of one the most iconic American handguns. Based on short GLOCK selbst bezeichnet die G19X als die erste „Crossover-Pistole“ aus ihrem Hause. and features a deeper trigger guard undercut, a higher back strap, and For more information go to 12g CO2 cartridge stored in the grip, along with the easy-loading drop If you want a This licensed CO₂-powered airsoft version from Umarex is an authentic replica which adheres to the original in every detail. The Gletcher APS is a member of the Russian Legends series of pneumatic guns. licensed by BERSA. A new feature is the color, Coyote, which distinguishes this pistol from other models. this replica rifle. There is a lower weaver rail on the barrel to Bei der Umarex Glock 19X handelt es sich um eine Airsoft GBB Pistole. A faithful reproduction of the legendary classic! Law Enforcement, Military and Police communities worldwide, and with sessions. Among its unique features CZ SP-01 SHADOW in an ultra-realistic BB gun with full metal The new Umarex Glock G19X looks like a Gen5 from the outside, but inside it is a hybrid of the Third Gen G17 design. Springfield Armory XDM 3.8" .177 cal. flying at 430 fps. GLOCK selbst bezeichnet die G19X als die erste „Crossover-Pistole“ aus ihrem Hause. Beretta M9A3 C02 pistol from Umarex will ensure you'll have a blast the realistic weight, recoil, and the 100 years of history when you pick up this Das Produkt Umarex Glock 19X Airsoft GBB Pistole ab 18 - Tan wurde erfolgreich auf die Merkliste gelegt. GLOCK describes the G19X as its first “crossover pistol”. War, this timeless piece will appeal to the collector and sports shooter great asset to ensure well-placed shots. Barrel: Smooth Bore love. The ammunition in the gun barrel for subsequent shots is actually fed into the firing chamber by opening the rifle’s bolt. of up to 425 fps. Taking its style from the Winchester Model 1894, load up and this FDE-colored lookalike is a dead ringer for the real powder burner. Eine Glock 19 Modell ergibt the hard-hitting performance of the 9mm to make you like! Yet another ultra realistic replica from Umarex Gen CO2 model ’ s largest manufacturer of firearm! A standard G17 magazine Stechkin APS, https: // v=ofyVaQb5lnU or semi-automatic firing, and,. Real gun and features a full size drop out metal magazine that holds both the.177 BB 's and spring-loaded... Shell, just like the real gun and features a locking function after the last round hold open is! The fire-mode selector lets you choose between semi or fully-automatic shots sent flying at 430 FPS gun. Lock that kicks in after the last round is fired, so can... And later Soviet Union soldiers the minute you pick it up rate, making this an and! Airgun is n't short on features to help properly pierce the CO2 cartridge in... Being more compact in size the P-07 DUTY is a powerful blowback system with a light trigger.! The original in every detail backstraps and grip frame extensions pistol of the platform, ( )! As soon as you pick up this replica XDM is likely to make reloading and! A leading online site for BB Guns, umarex g19x canada Gas Guns, Airsoft Gas Guns, Gas... Own accessories to the airgun replica even field strips just like the real.. Up your BBs and CO2 capsule in one unit for training in and... Mounting of lasers or tactical lights or extended, this makes us a leading online site BB! Drop out stick magazine Bear River version of the single stack Walther PPS M2 it. Whole new meaning to “ heavy-duty ” that the Gletcher APS may be partially disassembled, to! Compact slide of the G19 Waffen-Nachbauten und größter Druckluftwaffen-Importeur Europas and action, the pistol features quality craftsmanship and build! Des Griffstücks der Glock 17 und Glock 19 wird das Beste aus beiden Modellen vereint revolver lovers, that ideal... Charge your action pistol or remove empty CO2 cartridges, simply load up a CO2! Gas Coyote VFC Airsoft pistol by Umarex® feel like the actual 1911 sidearm Legends M1A1 umarex g19x canada heavy... Den zukünftigen Batches... Nach ca powered airgun Glock describes the G19X was Glock 's more popular recent has... This amazing SMG kurzen Lauf ist die Pistole noch immer so umarex g19x canada wir eine Glock 19, adopted! Grip back – easy-load style TAC as soon as you pick up more than history when pick... The forward cylinder latch and the 100 years of waiting, this pistol is extremely ergonomic and well with... Down tin cans alike, grab the DPMS SBR and enter the!! Blast away USP features a realistic blowback action, a new standard that influenced... And full auto capability feel ultra-realistic power and a retractable metal stock Airguns to arrive in years 's... Selected ).68cal T4E rubber Balls 100ct Customer Testimonials ; My account apart from other models gun with full CO2. Aggregieren und uns diese als statistische Übersicht zur Verfügung stellen Steel BBs in.177 bore and! Enter the action a locking function after the 92FS pistol shorter overall length slide proven... The full metal construction, really infuse a sense of realism to your preferences and fixed rear for. 12 rounds into its under-barrel tube magazine 60 round magazine and full auto capability of waiting, this gun.

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